Below you will find a series of email templates that may be used to promote your fundraiser before and during your fundraiser. These emails will also be sent to you by Charleston Wrap throughout your campaign and can be forwarded to participants at that time (please reference the emails you receive from Charleston Wrap for suggested wording and further instructions). Or, simply download the email templates below into your school or organization’s email system and send the emails out to participants at the appropriate times suggested below. Questions? Please contact your Fundraising Consultant or Customer Service 866-395-2926.

Promote your fundraiser by sending these emails to participants throughout your fundraising campaign.

Option 1. Copy and Paste (recommended):

  • View the page by clicking the “Email This Page” button, select all the images on the page (Ctrl+A), then copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V), into an email, and send to your parent list.

Option 2. Copy and Paste the email web address:

  • After clicking on the “Email This Page” button below, copy and paste the web address and add any introductory text into your email and send to your parent list.  

Email 1

Send 5 Days Before Kick-off

Email 2

Send ON Kick-off Day

Email 3

Send 5 Days Before Deadline Date

Email 4

Send 2 Days Before the Deadline Date